AdwCleaner is a relatively young utility, it was created by a French student in 2011. The program is designed to remove programs that surreptitiously penetrate your computer, blocks ad banners and pop-up messages. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner is primarily designed to remove unwanted and adware programs that penetrate your PC when downloading information over the Internet.

Options and Features

  • when using a test channel, its name is displayed;
  • best cleaning update tools;
  • quick scan;
  • destruction of the most conspiratorial viruses.

How to download AdwCleaner

Download the latest version of AdwCleaner from the direct link on this page. Then open the file in the Downloads folder and wait for the complete installation of the program. Once the software installation is complete, start cleaning your PC.


PC cleaner with AdwCleaner will end after your PC or mobile device restarts automatically, so you should close all tabs and save your documents before scanning.